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According to the attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine on February 24, 2022 all worldwide deliveries from our Kyiv warehouse will be carried out by the our logistic partner GP and UPS service. Shipping may take 10-15 days. 

 "KARPOVA" is not able to receive the returned goods. In this regard, from 24.02.2022 the online store does not accept returns. All orders are received by the Buyer unilaterally.



1. This offer is official suggestion of "KARPOVA UKRAINE", farther after text is "Salesman", enters into Contract of purchase-sale of commodities the controlled from distance method, id est through an e-shop, further on text is "Agreement", and places the Public offer (suggestion ) on the official web-site of Salesman of "" (farther is a "Web--site").
2. By the moment of complete and absolute acceptance by Customer of suggestion of Salesman (by an acceptance) to conclude an electronic treaty of purchase-sale of commodities, the fact of payment of order Customer is considered on the terms of this Agreement, in terms and on the prices indicated on the Web-site of Salesman.

Concept and determination :

1. In this offer, if a context does not require other, stated below terms have such value: a "commodity" is the articles of clothing, accessories; "Eshop" - under the Law of Ukraine "on electronic commerce", means for presentation or realization of commodity, work or service by realization of electronic agreement. A "saler" is a company, that will realize the commodities presented on a Website. A "customer" is a physical person that concluded with Salesman a Treaty on the terms, the stated below. A "order" is a choice of separate positions from the bill of the goods marked Customer at placing the order and realization of payment.
Subject of agreement :

1. A salesman is obligated to pass Commodity in property of Customer, and Customer is obligated to pay and accept Commodity on the terms of this Agreement. This Agreement regulates the purchasesale of commodities in an eshop, including: is a voluntarily choice by Customer of commodities in an e-shop; it is independent registration by Customer of order in an e-shop; it is payment of the order executed in an e-shop Customer; it is treatment and delivery of order to Customer in property on the terms of this Agreement.
Order of processing order :
1. A customer has a right to process order on any commodity presented on Web-site of e-shop and present.
2. Every position can be presented ​​in an order in any amount.
3. In default of commodity on composition, Manager of company is under an obligation to put Customer into consideration (by phone or through an e-mail). The indication of absence of position on composition status of "sold out" serves as also.

4. In default of commodity Customer has a right to replace his commodity of analogical model, to give up this commodity, rescind an order.
Terms of delivery of order :
1. Delivery of the commodities purchased in an e-shop comes true to address of Customer, indicated at processing order. Take it by ourself is possible also from space of KARPOVA.
2. An order and terms of delivery in detail are regulated by a division "Delivery" on the web-site of e-shop, to address of - and are return/
Right and duties parties :
1. A saler has a right: - in the one-sided order to stop the grant of services in this agreement in case of violation of conditions of this agreement Customer.
2. A customer is under an obligation : - in good time to pay and secure an order on the terms of this agreement.
3. A customer has a right:
to process order in an e-shop;
to design an electronic agreement;
to require implementation of conditions of this Agreement from Saler.
To get from Saler information necessary for the grant of services in this Agreement

Responsibility of parties :
1. Parties bear responsibility for nonfulfillment or improper implementation of conditions of this agreement in the order envisaged by this agreement and current legislation of Ukraine.
2. A saler does not bear responsibility for :
original appearance of Commodity is changed by a producer;
for insignificant disparity of colour gamut of commodity, that can differ from the original of commodity exceptionally through to the different colour transmission of monitors of the personal computers, plane-tables and smartphones of separate models;
for maintenance and veracity of the information given by Customer at processing order;
for the delay and interruptions in the grant of Services (treatments of order and deliveries to the commodity), that take place on reasons that are out of sphere of his control;
for the illegal actions carried out by Customer by means of this access to the network the Internet;

3. In case of offensive of acts of God, side rid of implementation of conditions of this agreement. Under the acts of God events that have emergency, unforeseen character understand for the aims of this agreement, that eliminate or objectively interfere with implementation of this agreement, the offensive of that Parties could not envisage and prevent clever methods.
4. Parties take pains at most for the decision of any divergences exceptionally by negotiations.
Other terms:
1. e-shop reserves a right in the one sided order to make alteration to this agreement on condition of previous publication him on the web-site of https :// to address of - and - conditions/
2. e-shop is created for organization of the controlled from distance method of sale of commodities over the Internet.
3. A customer bears responsibility for authenticity of the information marked at processing order of information. Thus, during realization of acceptance (processing order and further payment of commodity) Customer gives to Saler his unreserved consent to collection, treatment, storage, use of the personal data, in understanding of the Law of Ukeaine "About the protection of the personal data".
4. Payment processed order in an e-shop Customer means the complete consent of Customer with the conditions of the agreement of purchase-sale (public offer)
5. By an actual date electronic agreements between parties are date of acceptance of terms, in accordance with the century of a 11 Law of Ukraine "About electronic commerce"
6. Use of resource of e-shop for the previous revision of commodity, and also for processing order for Customer is free of charge7. Information that is given by Customer is confidential. An e-shop uses information about Customer exceptionally for treatment of order, sending of reports to Customer, deliveries to the commodity, realizations of mutual settlements and other In detail Privacy Policy is regulated by a corresponding division on the web-site of Salesman, to address of - and is conditions
Order of return of commodity of the proper quality :
1. The return of commodity in an e-shop is conducted in obedience to the current legislation of Ukraine.
2. The return of commodity in an e-shop is conducted due to Customer in case of international order, and is free of charge, id est conducted due to Salesman in case of orders on Ukraine.
3. At the return of commodity of the proper quality Customer, an e-shop returns to him the money sum prepaid for a commodity in fact of return of commodity

3.1 According to attacking of the Russian federation Ukraine on February, 24, 2022 "KARPOVA" does not have the opportunity to get returned goods. In connection with it from a 24.02.2022 e-shop does not accept a return. All orders come to Customer unilaterally.
4. An order and terms of delivery in detail are regulated by the corresponding division of "Return" on the web-site of Saler, to address of - and are return/
Rights on intellectual property:

Intellectual property rights:
All content included in the Seller's online store website and its parent domain at, for example, in images, pictures, music, sounds, videos, documents, drawings, pictures, logos, menus, web pages , graphics, colors, diagrams, tools, fonts, drawings, designs, diagrams, layouts, processes, functions and software (collectively referred to as "Content") are the property of KARPOVA or the Seller and are protected by national and international copyright laws and other intellectual property laws. You may not reproduce, publish, distribute, reproduce, modify, create derivative works based on, or use in any way, in whole or in part, Content without the prior written consent of KARPOVA or the Seller, as the case may be. KARPOVA or the Seller has the exclusive right to authorize or prohibit at its sole discretion any reproduction, publication, distribution, demonstration, modification, creation of derivative works or use in any way, in whole or in part, of the Content. KARPOVA or the Seller has the right to claim the authorship of any Content posted on the Site at any time and to object to any use, distortion or other modification of such Content.Any reproduction, publication, distribution, demonstration, modification, creation of works or use in any way of Content expressly permitted by KARPOVA or the Seller in writing must be performed by you exclusively for lawful purposes and in accordance with all applicable laws.
Term of the contract:
1. An electronic agreement is considered concluded from the moment the person who sent the proposal to enter into such an agreement receives a response to the acceptance of this proposal in the manner prescribed by part six of Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine "On Electronic Commerce".
2. Until the expiration of this Agreement may be terminated by mutual agreement of the parties until the actual delivery of goods, by refund
3. The parties have the right to terminate this agreement unilaterally, in case of non-fulfillment by one of the parties of the terms of this Agreement and in cases provided by the current legislation of Ukraine.

you can rozіrvaniy for mutual benefit of the parties until the moment of actual delivery of the goods, by way of the return of penny koshtіv
3. The parties may have the right to revitalize the agreement unilaterally, to the extent that one of the parties does not agree with the agreement and the violations, transferred by the official legislation of Ukraine.

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